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Don’t be that guy

I see too many guys who see the current trends and try to emulate it but don’t bother to learn the basics. It is ironic because in the era of the interwebs, you can easily google that shit. So here’s a few (mostly unshakeable) ground rules so you don’t unwittingly become THAT guy:

1. Black shoes, black belt, brown shoes, brown belt (doesn’t have to be the exact same shade but close).

2. When you wear a suit, sportcoat, blazer, or cardigan, leave the bottom button undone.

3. Your dress shoes should generally be a shade darker than your pants. Don’t be that guy in the navy suit with light tan shoes.

4. Either wear longer socks or no-show socks. Noone wants to see your mankles above those hideous white sports socks.

5. Don’t wear socks with boat shoes.

6. Don’t wear a vest to a formal event without a jacket. It doesn’t look cool, you just look like you forgot your jacket.

7. Your tie should end at your belt buckle. Not above. Not below.

8. Hem your pants to the correct length.

Ok that’s the end of my rant…

2 thoughts on “Don’t be that guy

  1. I only just starting reading your blogs. It so funny but informative. Wish there was a girl version too!
    I laughed reading the blog on don’t be that guy.
    Well done!


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