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Sock it to ’em

Socks are often overlooked as an accessory and lately I’ve been paying more attention to them. I guess it’s logical… if you have better shoes, you start to invest in better socks. Why get better socks? Well they last longer for one. And they look better to start off with, and for longer as the colours don’t run or fade. Here are 3 brands I have been enjoying lately – these are mostly chunkier styles as it is winter here and I am wearing heavier shoes and boots. Winter also allows me to be more creative and crazy with my patterns!



Wigwam mills is run out of Wisconsin and the company dates back to 1905. I first came across their boot socks on Massdrop and I needed boot socks so I tried out a pair. The designs are just your standard marled look in grey but they look pretty good with boots, camp mocs, or country-style brogues. Best thing is they come with a 2-year guarantee and they look like they would hold up too. I’ve had these for about a year and they look brand new. Looking at their site, it looks like they offer a lot of other styles and designs and the prices are pretty decent when you catch a sale or see them on sites like Massdrop.

Anonymous Ism

I bought five pairs of these during the Memorial day sales from East Dane thanks to some advice from /frugalmalefashion. These Japanese-made socks are also pretty common at American and British online retailers like Unionmade and End Clothing. They make a huge variety of socks in all kinds of thickness and styles. Some of the socks are chunky knits with wigwam or fair isle patterns while others are thinner dress socks. When on sale, these cost about as much as Happy Socks and I definitely know which ones I’d go for both on the design and the quality front.


Also a Japanese brand, I have written about these before. Because of the way they are made, only about 20 pairs can be made a day, which explains the higher price. The patterns are awesome and second to none. If you want socks that scream “Winter!” and evoke images of a wooden cabin lodge in the Alps, then fork out for some CHUP’s. They also collaborate with Smartwool (even more expensive!) – I have not tried these but they are supposed to be fantastic. Big Trouble Store, END, J. Crew all stock these.

All three brands come in “all-in-one” sizing which is a sort-of lie if you have abnormally large or small feet, I think for most of these the realistic range is about 7-12 US, otherwise you look like you are wearing a floppy foreskin or they are stretched to oblivion.


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