Cloth and Hide

My beloved Filson bag 3 years on

Filson bags were everywhere in 2014 (and still are to some extent). The mix of fantastic quality, heritage, rugged-outdoorsy but sophisticated image, and constant recommendations on just about every menstyle blog meant their popularity just exploded. Like virtually every other guy I lusted after an original briefcase but I already had a slim messenger bag and it was hopelessly impractical for me because I couldn’t fit my laptop AND my lunch into it. So I broadened my search and ended up looking at Filson’s 72-hour briefcase. It is bigger than the original briefcase and has big front zip pockets and pouches behind the zip pockets. Hardly anyone seems to stock the 72-hour version anymore but the 24 and 48 hour briefcases look similar.

At the time I had the choice of tin-cloth or lightweight nylon for the material. The romantic in me wanted the tin cloth but ultimately practicality won and I chose the nylon in otter green. It really is a lot lighter and ultimately more useful for me on a day to day basis. I still want the tin cloth but given the choice again I’d probably still go for the nylon. Because of this, the bag really hasn’t patinated very much and you can see from the pictures that it still looks very new.

The bridle leather handles have broken in nicely and are now very floppy and nice to use. I use the handles most of the time, especially if I am wearing a sportscoat (and you should too! Using a shoulder strap ruins your shoulder padding). My only gripe is the standard shoulder strap is a cheapo nylon strap instead of the bridle leather strap that they used to come with. The nylon is actually wider than the leather and quite comfy when I do use it and since I don’t use it much it’s not a deal breaker. If you really want the leather strap you can get it separately.

I bought my bag from Huckberry but you can also find Filson bags on Amazon, END clothing, Nordstrom, East Dane. I love the casual style of the bag and it pairs well with casual outerwear up to odd jackets and tie. You can find similar styles from Rancourt, LL Bean, Nigel Cabourn, Ralph Lauren, and a million other brands. But I love my Filson, and at this rate it will be with me for quite some time yet.

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