#1 Dad

I’m gonna take a break from the clothes and shoes for a sec to talk about something I’ve noticed since becoming a dad.

I’m a new-ish dad -my son is now a toddler and I sometimes take him somewhere by myself, whether it’s the shopping centre, or a market, or the doctors, or the park. And the comments or reactions I get from strangers are always overwhelmingly positive, and I feel, disproportionate to the job I’m doing. As in: I’m just looking after my son, MY son. I mean, I’m kinda the reason he is in this world so I SHOULD be looking  after him. I’ve been told that I’m an angel, that I’m such a great dad, or I get huge beaming smiles from just about everyone I pass (though that last one could just be because my son is goddamn adorable). And I’ve spoken to other new dads who say they have experienced the same thing. 

Contrast that with the often dismissive or annoyed attitudes my wife has to deal with because she is pushing a stroller, and that’s not really fair. She works and looks after him, same as me, but noone to looking to offer her a gold star everytime she takes him to the doctor’s. And this isn’t the 1950s and I’m not the sole breadwinner of the household or anything, and in 2017, very few men are. So I’m gonna say something controversial and revolutionary here (not): dads should be looking after their offspring. We don’t deserve a gold medal everytime we change a nappy. Society should change its attitudes towards to what it thinks are gender-specific roles. I know everyone says that it is changing, and social media is all over it, but that’s just not how society behaves in real life. It’s almost condescending when you walk into a doctor’s surgery and they look at you and then around you and ask “where’s mum?”. If my wife took my son to the doctors by herself, they sure as hell wouldn’t ask “where’s dad?”.

So give dads some credit ok? We’re up to the task.

And if we aren’t?

Then step up.

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