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Amazon Launch and the Australia Tax

Seems like everyone waiting with bated breath for Amazon to launch in the land of Oz have had their shopping heaven dreams crushed. Newsflash: Amazon is not the retailer-Armageddon. Not yet anyway. Not only is the range of products on Amazon Australia much much smaller than the US counterpart, but the prices are pretty much what they normally are in Australia (read: rubbish).

At the time of writing, a Feather AS-D2 safety razor costs more than one and a half times the price on American Amazon. Why the hell would I order it from Amazon Australia??? I can’t even find a hardcover copy of Matthew Hranek’s wonderful book “A Man and his Watch” (both awesome Christmas gifts BTW). Even eBay is currently much better in terms of value and range.

So here continues the long history of shafting Australian shoppers and expecting us to cough up more because we are an island. Even factoring shipping and lame GST about to be introduced, it’s STILL cheaper to buy online from overseas. No wonder retail is dying hard in Oz!

Not every retailer in Oz applies Australia tax. I do like to support local and shops like Big Trouble Store, Blue Works Vintage clothing, Corlection, and Standard Store all offer very reasonable prices comparable to what US and UK retailers are charging and are definitely deserving of your hard-earned dollars.

UK stores like End clothing, Kafka, Goodhood have a fantastic range and often offer free shipping above a certain total price. Ex-VAT for non-EU countries also mean 20% off (sometimes this is already applied if the store is displaying in Aussie dollars).

Either way I will be steering away from Amazon Australia until they lift their game…

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