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I paid a visit to the leather supplier and they had a one-off batch of lizard skins that they are unlikely to import again. I’ve always wanted a lizard watch strap ever since I saw the faux one on the Timex Marlin reissue.

I made a prototype using the damaged leather from the tail region and decided the rugged fixed width style wasn’t going to work. Now, I had never made a dressier tapered design before and there’s a bit of work involved getting the tapering right. Most people use a template but I didn’t have one so I made one from some leather scraps and used that to mark out then cut the lizard.

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Adventures in leatherworking: update

So it’s been about 5 months since I started my new hobby and I think my skill levels have certainly improved. Stitching is neater, lines are cleaner, burnishing is better.

My main improvement has come from getting some decent tools -rotary cutter has been a godsend for cutting out straight strips of leather. I’ve learnt a few tricks so that starting and finishing stitches are neater and more consistent.

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Cloth and Hide

My new fav jeans

I’ve been pining after a pair of orslow 105’s for a while now. Mid/high waisted and straight leg, they tick all my boxes for fit. And to top it off, they come with a 30inch inseam so I don’t even need to get them hemmed.

I had already resolved myself to saving up for month or so to cope with the price tag when an innocuous pair of “orslow denim jeans” appeared on eBay, shipping from Japan. They were a third of the retail price and marked “preowned” but seemed to have no fading whatsoever. I enquired a bit more and they were indeed a pair of 105’s in my size and three days later I was wearing ’em.

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Smoke Jumper

So years ago I saw on Instagram (I believe it was Papanui’s) a pair of John Lofgren donkey punchers. At first I was like wtf is this? It was a pair of boots, but with lace holes that seemed to extend further down the vamp than normal so that they kinda looked like an angry pug. And then there was this funny moustache thing coming out from the laces and the curvy, slightly effeminate heels. I was not immediately taken by the style but the image swam to the back of my mind to be retrieved at a later date.

During my visit to Blue Works vintage clothing I saw Steve wearing a similar design but without the moustache (which I later learned is called a false tongue or kiltie). I believe his are a two-tone version where the upper and the lower leathers are different colours. The combination of extra lacing and rounded toe makes for a heavy-duty, tough-looking boot. Steve was wearing his with OG107 fatigue pants and I thought they looked bloody great. I learned that his pair was from Wesco and I slowly but surely fell down the rabbit hole of Pacific Northwest boot companies. Continue reading “Smoke Jumper”