Leathercraft · Watches


I paid a visit to the leather supplier and they had a one-off batch of lizard skins that they are unlikely to import again. I’ve always wanted a lizard watch strap ever since I saw the faux one on the Timex Marlin reissue.

I made a prototype using the damaged leather from the tail region and decided the rugged fixed width style wasn’t going to work. Now, I had never made a dressier tapered design before and there’s a bit of work involved getting the tapering right. Most people use a template but I didn’t have one so I made one from some leather scraps and used that to mark out then cut the lizard.

Lizard skin is very different to cow or horse leather in that it is scaley and harder to cut through. The pattern also makes it really hard to see where you’ve marked with an awl. Once the top layer is cut out, I added padding and stuck the lizard leather to some Horween Essex for the lining. Making a tapered design is different in that you cut the lining wider than the top layer and then trim it to match. The rotary cutter came in really handy here as it gives more control.

And then because lizard doesn’t burnish, I hit the edges with some dark brown edge finish. Overall I’m pretty happy with the results and this is my best handywork yet. I will be getting some thinner thread soon and I’m currently working on some full padded strap commissions for a friend and wifey.

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