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The Magical Shrinking Act of Menswear

It’s been creeping in and you probably have noticed it. Menswear has definitely been shrinking over the last decade or so. First it was skinny jeans. That led to skinny chinos. It was bound to happen as the internet and #mensstyle blogs started teaching men to dress better, cleaner, and tighter. I think somewhere along the way fit, comfort, and silhouette have been thrown out the window. Maybe it’s just because I am in my thirties and my metabolism is slowing down and I want to be able to eat my lunch, a piece of cake, and still be comfortable. Or maybe I’m just sick of zipping up those ridiculous short flies at the urinal – how are you supposed to get anything done with a fly that short? Continue reading “The Magical Shrinking Act of Menswear”



This has been a long time coming. I am finally doing it. I’m starting a blog. I am constantly jibber-jabbering to my wife, my friends, my work colleagues about the virtues of quality. Returning to the old school and doing things the proper way. But in Australia most of the public are still enamored with the cheap, the disposable, the transient. So I’m starting this blog to share my interests and the knowledge I have accumulated over the years. It might not be 100% right and certainly there will be experts who know more than me on any given topic. But this is my journey as well. And as I learn and discover, I will put it on this blog so you can learn and discover as well (if anyone bothers to read this haha). Continue reading “Catalyst”