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eBay Shopping Tips

I like good quality clothes and shoes but I don’t like to pay full retail unless I have to (or I want to support local). So much of my high quality pieces are secondhand. If you live in America or the UK, then you have a wealth of thrift stores and vintage markets to browse. Unfortunately in Australia the thrift scene isn’t as plentiful for guys and this is where eBay comes to the rescue. Here’s what I have learnt from my years of eBay thrifting.

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In the land of Oz

Trying to buy better can be a difficult thing in Australia. We don’t have the rich history of Saville Row, or the heritage of Northhampton, or the expertise of Glashütte. The rise of e-commerce has evened the playing field somewhat but you still can’t just walked into a department store in Sydney and try on a pair of Aldens. Buying online is fraught with risk – the item may not fit or may not look as it does in your mind’s eye. Shipping to Australia is sometimes impossible, usually costly, and almost always slow. Fret not dear reader, here are some handy tips I have amassed over the years and I pass them to you. (Note: If you live in the UK or USA, the majority of this will be pretty useless to you).  Continue reading “In the land of Oz”